KL-4571 Industrial Online pH/ORP Controller

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KL-4571 is on-line intelligent industrial pH/ORP controller. The instrument is suitable for online monitoring of pH/ORP in water treatment, electronic power, chemical industry, pharmacy, environment protection, breeding industry, and so on.


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Specifications KL-4571 Industrial Online pH/ORP Controller

  • pH measurement range: 0~14pH; resolution: 0.01pH; accuracy: ±0.1pH
  • ORP measurement range: -1999mV ~ +1999mV; resolution:±1mV; accuracy:±5mV
  • Temperature measurement range: 0~99.9℃; resolution: 0.1℃; accuracy:±1℃
  • Display: LCD
  • Automatic temperature compensation: 0~99.9℃.
  • Stability: pH≤0.05pH/24h, ORP≤2mV/24h, Temp.≤0.2℃/24h, ≤0.03mA/24h.
  • Identify automatically pH buffer and three point calibration.
  • pH standard liquid: 4.01, 6.86, 9.18
  • ORP standard liquid: any
  • Input impedance: >1.5×1012
  • Electrode pressure resistance: 0~0.6MPa
  • Measuring distance: ≤20m (standard configuration for electrode cable: 10m). Please use pH transducer for overlong range.
  • Control range: 0~14pH; -1999mV ~ +1999 mV
  • The mode of control output: high limit, low limit double rode ON/OFF double contact point output.
  • Capacity of contact point: AC230V/5A Max; AC 115V/10A Max
    4~20mA current output: isolated, transferable, reverse, optional meter/transmitter output.
  • Circular resistivity: 500ΩMax@24V DC
  • Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
  • Environment conditions: temperature:0~50℃; humidity: ≤85%/RH;
  • Control mode: Relay control
  • Load capacity of the relay: AC230V/5AMax ;AC115V/10A Max
  • Displaying: pH/ mV /temperature value
  • Searching: the Hi/Lo limited measurement range, the error marks
  • Outline dimensions: 96×96×130mm (height×width×depth)
  • Slot dimension for installation :91×91mm(height × width)
  • Installation: Jam-in
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KL-4571 Industrial Online pH/ORP Controller