KL-6658H pH/ORP Controller



Specifications KL-6658H pH/ORP Controller

  • Power supply: AC 220V(160—250V)50Hz
  • Power unit: <5W
  • Accuracy: 0.01PH;1mV
  • Measurement range: 0~14PH; -999mV~999mV
  • Set point: 2
  • Environmental temperature: 0~50℃
  • Display: Four-level LED LCD instructions
  • Environmental humidity:35-85%RH
  • Parameters preservation: 10 years
  • Output model:ON/OFF 4~20mA
  • Output capacity:AC 250v/3A DC30V/3A
  • Input impedance:≥1012Ω
  • Insulation R: ≥10MΩ
  • Size: 96mmX96mmX120mm

Optional ph probe E523BNC, ORP probe GO100BNC


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