PHS-3E Professional Lab pH Meter


  • With displaying LCD, blue back-light and double digital displaying
  • Auto and manual temp. compensation
  • Measuring or displaying pH and temp. or mV and temp. simultaneously
  • Two points calibration


Spesifications PHS-3E Professional Lab pH Meter

  • Measuring Range: pH: -2.00~18.00pH; mV:-1999~+1999mV; Temp.:0~99.9℃
  • Resolution: pH:0.01pH; mV:1mV; Temp.:0.1℃
  • Accuracy: pH:±0.01pH±1bit; mV:±1mV±1bit; Temp.:±0.3℃±1bit
  • Input impedance:1×1012Ω
  • Stability:±0.01pH±1bit/3h
  • Temp. compensation range: 0~99.9℃
  • Temperature of measured solution: 0~60℃


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